YouTube and Polymer Clay

This is an experiment to see if I can get a polymer clay tutorial video to embed here. This particular video is on how to make a cuff bracelet from polyclay.  It’s by Ludmila Bakulina, who is a very well established polyclay artist out of Russia. Her  tutorials are silent — everything explained by text on screen and demonstration — because she doesn’t speak English (or maybe, she doesn’t think her English is good enough). I turn off the sound as the music drives me crazy.

But her tutorials at YouTube are very well done and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Mixed Media

This bracelet delights me. The quirky CharleyMcCarthy figural spoon combined with the large beads (which could be polymer; it was unclear from the description), the small clutch of dangling beads.

Clearly it’s necessary to expand your skillset to pull this off — I have no idea how easy or difficult it might be to bend a silver spoon. But I can imagine some wonderful places to go. I wish I knew the artist for this piece, because it’s exactly my quirky taste.

Tuesday October 31 Meeting

We have a number of new members joining us on Tuesday: Amber and her mother, Penny, and Meri.

Tere, Alan, Rosina and Mary will also be on hand. Things are starting to pick up for the group, and I am thrilled.

Mary will be demonstrating how to work with an extruder. For those who need a review of basics (or introduction to them) there will be plenty of time for that, as well.

Here’s a very simple one-page visuals-only tutorial that might be of interest, from Irish Mishly’s weblog.

Scrap Clay Canes

Sorting through scrap clay I did a quick kaleidoscope cane.  I have no real use for this cane so I may sell it on Facebook.

The shimmer comes from pearlescent clay.



There are hundreds of tutorial available on the web.  They are not all of equal quality, but there are enough good ones — both text/photos and video — to make it possible to learn all the basic techniques.

You’ll find the tutorial page here.  It is a work in progress. Anyone who wants to contribute to this page is more than welcome to do that. Please let me or Alan know, and we’ll give you access as an author.