More Mixed Media

I spent a few minutes yesterday figuring out the best way to find sterling silver spoons for anyone interested in combining them with polyclay, as in the featured Charlie McCarthy bent spoon bracelet.  The prices ranged from about $12 to well over $200.

The Charlie spoon is quite easy to find. It is silver plate, and priced between $4 and $20.

Collecting spoons seems to have been a very popular hobby at one point.  The highest quality ones are quite elaborate. See the example at the top of this page of a spoon commemorating the Brooklyn Bridge.

This search on ebay will get you an exhaustive list:

(spoon,knife,fork) (silver,sterling)(quirky,figural,unusual,raised,floral,etched,souvenir)

Removing ‘souvenir’ will get a more manageable return list, but it may miss some things.

Here are some examples of more interesting pieces I can imagine using together with polyclay.

Auction ItemDescriptionBid Price
Teddy Roosevelt souvenir, sterlingClosed at $44
1908 Vtg Sterling Silver Scallop Serving Spoon Floral 7" 2 days out $8.50
Peter Stuyvesant Figural Handle Demitasse Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon. The back of the handle is stamped "Sterling." The bottom of the bowl is monogrammed. It is in good condition, just some light marks, scratches, soiling, stains, tarnish & wear. It measures 4 & 1/2" in length. It weighs 17 grams. 7 days out $7.50
Vintage pair (two) of sterling silver .925, salt spoons, in a figural fish pattern, which are NOT monogrammed. The spoons each measure approximately 2 inches long, & both weigh together .375 ozt., & are marked sterling. The spoons are in good vintage estate condition; NO DENTS OR REPAIRS. THERE IS SCRATCHING & WEAR IS CONSISTENT WITH THE AGE OF THE PIECES & NORMAL USAGE. opening bid $18
Sterling Silver Figural Souvenir Spoon of the Nude Native Woman in a Canoe. There is great 3D detail on this spoon. The native Woman is languidly relaxing as she floats down the river in her canoe. This spoon is stamped sterling on the back of the handle. The spoon is 5 1/2 inches long and weighs 27 grams troy. On the bowl is a scene of Niagara Falls. Buy-It-Now $120
Clifton Springs Asylum Sterling Silver. 5 1/2” 6 days out opening bid $25

Of course, simpler works of art are also very appealing. This bracelet was made with two forks, which are easier to find and less expensive.

Getting started

As people who are new to polymer clay join the group, questions about basic supplies come up. We have discussed this a little in our meetings, but there is a very thorough article on this subject at The Blue Bottle Tree, a great source of knowledge for all things polyclay.  You’ll find the article here: Make a Polymer Clay Starter Kit.  Ginger divides her list into levels of expertise and commitment.

Please feel free to ask questions here or in the discussion forum before you spend a lot of money.

At yesterday’s meeting there were questions about cutters.  There are so many sources and options for cutters that it’s difficult to provide specifics, but a few things to keep in mind:

You can use almost anything with a fine edge as a cutter.

Cutters made for fondant work very well for polyclay.

Avoid cutters with seams, which will compromise the shapes you’re trying to achieve.

Some places to start:

There are a dozen polymer clay artists who have produced their own lines of cutters.  Most of them sell on, as in this case to be found here.

Cutters by established companies can be found on and every clay tool and supply distributor.

Kemper cutters are highly regarded for their workmanship.

They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Searching Kemper Kutters on Google will show you dozens of sources. Watch prices and shipping, because they differ, sometimes wildly.