January Meeting and a new Group Project

I’ve been a little slow the last couple weeks for all kinds of very boring reasons, but I hope you all remember that we meet tomorrow at Mary’s place, as usual.

I have something to demonstrate, unless Mary has already made plans.

This pendant (the work of Staci Louise Smith) was made in a multiple-step process.  Tomorrow I will demonstrate the first couple steps. I’ll bring the specialty supplies. All you need for tomorrow is a good sized chunk (a handfull should do it) of white clay, which you should condition before class.

Please reply here or by email (info@polyclaybham.org) to let me know if you’re coming so I can have sufficient materials on hand.



Covering Vessels

At our next meeting we’ll be covering a small vessel of your choice.   Please see the discussion forum for more information on supplies needed and how to prep for this meeting.

Here are a couple examples of finished projects.