Tomorrow Night (Finally)

We meet tomorrow, Wednesday, February 21 at Mary’s place. Please shout out if you need directions.

Mary asks that you bring clay in three contrasting colors, and that you condition before hand. If you don’t know what this means, come anyway and one of us will get you started.

Once again with feeling: We need to change our meeting time

Big Bang Mosaics

Tuesday’s meeting has to be cancelled, unfortunately. More than that, it seems we need to change our monthly meeting to a different night due to unforeseen commitments. We are a small group and we need to be as inclusive and flexible as possible.

Thus: please voice your preference for Wednesday or Thursday and indicate also if you have a preference for the first, second, third or fourth week in the month.  You can do that by commenting here, or on the Facebook page. 

Hope to see you all soon. In the meantime, consider the possibilities for mosaic with polymer clay.


Today’s Meeting Rescheduled


As so few people can make today’s meeting, we are cancelling and rescheduling. We will meet a week from today, at Mary’s.  Please share this information with other people in the group who may not see it otherwise.

January Meeting and a new Group Project

I’ve been a little slow the last couple weeks for all kinds of very boring reasons, but I hope you all remember that we meet tomorrow at Mary’s place, as usual.

I have something to demonstrate, unless Mary has already made plans.

This pendant (the work of Staci Louise Smith) was made in a multiple-step process.  Tomorrow I will demonstrate the first couple steps. I’ll bring the specialty supplies. All you need for tomorrow is a good sized chunk (a handfull should do it) of white clay, which you should condition before class.

Please reply here or by email ( to let me know if you’re coming so I can have sufficient materials on hand.