Our next meeting, and looking beyond jewelry

We meet next on Tuesday, January 2 at Mary’s house. I can’t remember if we decided on a theme or a project. Could somebody remind me please?

If there is something specific you’d like to work on, please make sure the clay you bring is conditioned ahead of time. I’ll post once again the day before to clarify what we’re doing and the supplies needed.

To the casual observer it might seem that most polyclay artists create jewelry, and in fact that is probably the biggest contingent. But there are very active communities of people who work primarily sculpting with polymer clay; there are also doll makers, mosaic and wall hanging artists and those who specialize in dollhouse furniture or furnishings. There are purses and bags, as well, dishes and serving pieces and cutlery.  Last time we met we had a basic look at covering vessels with polymer clay.

What you see above is a mirror, about eighteen inches square. I painted the frame a muted gold and then used floral and leaf canes to create something meant to represent a cottage garden. There are also a lot of small insect sculptures. I’m satisfied with how it turned out, but would approach it a little differently if I were try it again: I’d like to use a round frame, and recreate the color wheel with floral canes. As soon as I find the right frame, I’ll start that.

Detail. Click for larger image.

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