Agenda & Supply List: September 26 meeting

I’m planning on a three part-demo:

  1. The simplest kind of skinner blend;
  2. The two basic (and crucial) ways to fold (that is, make a cane out of) a skinner blend: jelly roll (bottom) and fan fold (top).  
  3. How to reduce a skinner blend cane.

I hope you will bring clay along so you can follow along as I demonstrate. We won’t have pasta machines for everybody, so we’ll do this mostly by hand with acrylic rollers


If you are starting from scratch and have no tools, there’s no need to spend a lot of money before you figure out how much you like working with polyclay. For this demo you’ll need only three things:

  • Two colors of polymer clay that are very different from each other (black/white; red/blue; green/yellow — you get the idea) .  For those who are just learning these basics, any kind of clay will do but you’ll have an easier time working with Sculpey Premo or Fimo.
  • A roller,  metal or acrylic (but not wood). We’ll have four or five of these on hand. If you want to get one before the meeting you’ll find them at places like Michael’s, or online.

  • A tissue blade or exacto knife. Again, some will be on hand to use.

Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree is a great source of information about everything polyclay-related. She has a post on the basic tools that will serve you best, which you can find here.

If you have questions you can ask them here, or email Rosina or Mary. See you Tuesday at 7.

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