Tomorrow Night (Finally)

We meet tomorrow, Wednesday, February 21 at Mary’s place. Please shout out if you need directions.

Mary asks that you bring clay in three contrasting colors, and that you condition before hand. If you don’t know what this means, come anyway and one of us will get you started.

Once again with feeling: We need to change our meeting time

Big Bang Mosaics

Tuesday’s meeting has to be cancelled, unfortunately. More than that, it seems we need to change our monthly meeting to a different night due to unforeseen commitments. We are a small group and we need to be as inclusive and flexible as possible.

Thus: please voice your preference for Wednesday or Thursday and indicate also if you have a preference for the first, second, third or fourth week in the month.  You can do that by commenting here, or on the Facebook page. 

Hope to see you all soon. In the meantime, consider the possibilities for mosaic with polymer clay.


Today’s Meeting Rescheduled


As so few people can make today’s meeting, we are cancelling and rescheduling. We will meet a week from today, at Mary’s.  Please share this information with other people in the group who may not see it otherwise.

January Meeting and a new Group Project

I’ve been a little slow the last couple weeks for all kinds of very boring reasons, but I hope you all remember that we meet tomorrow at Mary’s place, as usual.

I have something to demonstrate, unless Mary has already made plans.

This pendant (the work of Staci Louise Smith) was made in a multiple-step process.  Tomorrow I will demonstrate the first couple steps. I’ll bring the specialty supplies. All you need for tomorrow is a good sized chunk (a handfull should do it) of white clay, which you should condition before class.

Please reply here or by email ( to let me know if you’re coming so I can have sufficient materials on hand.



Are you out there?

If things are functioning as they are supposed to, everybody who has either been to one of our meetings or showed an interest in coming should be getting this post as an email.

In the way of things technical, it’s not entirely clear if it’s working.

Updated to say: the comment button seems to be missing, which of course makes responding impossible. So please email me to say whether or not you’ll be at tomorrow’s meeting: rosinalippi  (at)  mac (dot) com

We have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at Mary’s house. PLEASE comment on this post to say if you are coming tomorrow or not. ***

Mary has something interesting planned to demo.

***Click this link if you are reading this as an email, and you’ll be transported to  the website.


Our next meeting, and looking beyond jewelry

We meet next on Tuesday, January 2 at Mary’s house. I can’t remember if we decided on a theme or a project. Could somebody remind me please?

If there is something specific you’d like to work on, please make sure the clay you bring is conditioned ahead of time. I’ll post once again the day before to clarify what we’re doing and the supplies needed.

To the casual observer it might seem that most polyclay artists create jewelry, and in fact that is probably the biggest contingent. But there are very active communities of people who work primarily sculpting with polymer clay; there are also doll makers, mosaic and wall hanging artists and those who specialize in dollhouse furniture or furnishings. There are purses and bags, as well, dishes and serving pieces and cutlery.  Last time we met we had a basic look at covering vessels with polymer clay.

What you see above is a mirror, about eighteen inches square. I painted the frame a muted gold and then used floral and leaf canes to create something meant to represent a cottage garden. There are also a lot of small insect sculptures. I’m satisfied with how it turned out, but would approach it a little differently if I were try it again: I’d like to use a round frame, and recreate the color wheel with floral canes. As soon as I find the right frame, I’ll start that.

Detail. Click for larger image.


Welcome. We are a new, very small group of polymer clay enthusiasts located in Bellingham, Washington. Watch us grow.

YouTube and Polymer Clay

This is an experiment to see if I can get a polymer clay tutorial video to embed here. This particular video is on how to make a cuff bracelet from polyclay.  It’s by Ludmila Bakulina, who is a very well established polyclay artist out of Russia. Her  tutorials are silent — everything explained by text on screen and demonstration — because she doesn’t speak English (or maybe, she doesn’t think her English is good enough). I turn off the sound as the music drives me crazy.

But her tutorials at YouTube are very well done and I’ve learned a lot from them.

More Mixed Media

I spent a few minutes yesterday figuring out the best way to find sterling silver spoons for anyone interested in combining them with polyclay, as in the featured Charlie McCarthy bent spoon bracelet.  The prices ranged from about $12 to well over $200.

The Charlie spoon is quite easy to find. It is silver plate, and priced between $4 and $20.

Collecting spoons seems to have been a very popular hobby at one point.  The highest quality ones are quite elaborate. See the example at the top of this page of a spoon commemorating the Brooklyn Bridge.

This search on ebay will get you an exhaustive list:

(spoon,knife,fork) (silver,sterling)(quirky,figural,unusual,raised,floral,etched,souvenir)

Removing ‘souvenir’ will get a more manageable return list, but it may miss some things.

Here are some examples of more interesting pieces I can imagine using together with polyclay.

Auction ItemDescriptionBid Price
Teddy Roosevelt souvenir, sterlingClosed at $44
1908 Vtg Sterling Silver Scallop Serving Spoon Floral 7" 2 days out $8.50
Peter Stuyvesant Figural Handle Demitasse Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon. The back of the handle is stamped "Sterling." The bottom of the bowl is monogrammed. It is in good condition, just some light marks, scratches, soiling, stains, tarnish & wear. It measures 4 & 1/2" in length. It weighs 17 grams. 7 days out $7.50
Vintage pair (two) of sterling silver .925, salt spoons, in a figural fish pattern, which are NOT monogrammed. The spoons each measure approximately 2 inches long, & both weigh together .375 ozt., & are marked sterling. The spoons are in good vintage estate condition; NO DENTS OR REPAIRS. THERE IS SCRATCHING & WEAR IS CONSISTENT WITH THE AGE OF THE PIECES & NORMAL USAGE. opening bid $18
Sterling Silver Figural Souvenir Spoon of the Nude Native Woman in a Canoe. There is great 3D detail on this spoon. The native Woman is languidly relaxing as she floats down the river in her canoe. This spoon is stamped sterling on the back of the handle. The spoon is 5 1/2 inches long and weighs 27 grams troy. On the bowl is a scene of Niagara Falls. Buy-It-Now $120
Clifton Springs Asylum Sterling Silver. 5 1/2” 6 days out opening bid $25

Of course, simpler works of art are also very appealing. This bracelet was made with two forks, which are easier to find and less expensive.

Mixed Media

This bracelet delights me. The quirky CharleyMcCarthy figural spoon combined with the large beads (which could be polymer; it was unclear from the description), the small clutch of dangling beads.

Clearly it’s necessary to expand your skillset to pull this off — I have no idea how easy or difficult it might be to bend a silver spoon. But I can imagine some wonderful places to go. I wish I knew the artist for this piece, because it’s exactly my quirky taste.